How We Work

We work with businesses and nonprofit organizations to navigate all facets of the HR world and customize a plan for a unified, functional, and productive workplace. 

We invest the time and energy to truly understand your business strategy so we can best advise you on how to fully integrate HR to achieve your vision. 

With us as your strategic business partners, you can be confident your HR strategy and execution will accomplish your organization’s broader goals and deliver phenomenal results.

Our HR Engine Model

You need a strategic business partner that can help you make all the pieces fit together, to help you create a supportive and engaging workplace that promotes both individual and collaborative achievement.

Our unique, holistic approach views HR as the engine driving your organizational success, because without engaged people, you simply cannot achieve sustainable success.

You want your organization to run smoothly, with all departments working together to create a harmonious environment. That’s why, whether you lead in a business or non-profit organization, creating a unified team should be priority one.

Providing your leadership team with the visionary direction and planning to help achieve high level objectives and bring HR functions to light.

Facilitating learning within your company through appropriate training and professional development, including succession planning, career planning, and executive coaching.

Nurturing your employee engagement through activities, events, and processes that build interdepartmental relationships and trust.

Navigating the nuances within your company’s union environment.

Recruiting strategies to help you retain the best and brightest talent.

Assuring that your organization is in compliance, identifying risks, and avoiding litigation.

Investigating your compensation structure, including salaries, employee benefits, and 401Ks.

Evaluating your company’s growth and/or decline, restructuring where needed, and projecting potential outcomes for your company.

Ready to make your HR department the engine that drives your success?