You are the CEO of Your Own Career

If you’re struggling to climb that corporate ladder, it might be time to face reality—the company doesn’t love you, so don’t let the company determine your success. 

The true test of a person’s success is not just looking at where the journey started, but where it ends. 

Learn the secrets and strategies of Life Fulfillment Framework and The Career Life Cycle from Charles L. Jones and finally take charge of your own financial future and freedom!

Discover the keys to creating and enjoying a fulfilling career!

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About Charles L. Jones

Charles L. Jones is the CEO and Co-Founder of C&B HR Consulting LLC. The family-owned company was established in 2013 to provide human resources strategies and solutions to businesses and nonprofits.

Charles leverages decades of cross-functional experience at Kraft and Mondelez International to bring you a deep understanding of how HR integrates with every business function. 

Highly regarded and awarded as a Human Resource Executive who thinks holistically about people, systems, and business, he has a deep understanding of HR and the influence it has on an organization. 

With certifications in strategic planning, data analysis, personality assessments, and employment law, Charles brings the leadership and integrated innovation your organization needs to thrive. 

Some current clients include the Girls Inc. of Greater Houston TX, YWCA of Lake County IL, Pride & Hope Family Services in Varnado LA, and Millennium Corporation in Washington DC.

Charles enjoys his well-earned retirement with his wife, Bobbie, and their two daughters, Tiffany and Eryka. 

What People Are Saying

The Company Doesn’t Love You: Be the CEO of Your Own Career is a must read if you are just starting your career, phasing towards retirement, and for every stage in between. This is NOT a book to read and put on the shelf, but to use as a guide. Charles shares relatable, real-life experiences that detail how to successfully navigate the life cycle of your career, focusing on the 5 E’s and using the “Life Fulfillment Framework” to serve as a compass. He nailed it!

Treopia Cannon CEO Of Girls Inc. Of Greater Houston

The relationship between our emotional scars, our response to them, and the necessity of having a self-leadership mindset is expertly described by Charles L. Jones in his authentic, life-changing book. Jones shares his own journey with the reader and, in the process, teaches how trauma-inspired leadership begins when we recognize our pain and let it inform our purpose along the corporate or entrepreneurial path.

Dr. Janet Taylor Psychiatrist

The Company Doesn’t Love You is an impactful and insightful strategy that weaves Charles’ personal experience in successfully navigating the 5 Stages of the Career Life Cycle. The techniques and methodology he offers are applicable industry wide for all professional career paths. A compelling ‘How To’ book that will remind his readers of the importance of being the CEO of their own career.

Kevin N. Jennings President & CEO Millennium Corporation
Retired LTC U.S. Army

Outstanding! Charles has captured the essence of what is on the mind and heart of so many professionals. The manner in which he captures the Life Fulfillment factors in a framework coupled with The Career Life Cycle gives a compass and a ‘True North’ for career growth. His experience, from working in the military as an officer to working in large corporations in HR, gives credibility and experience that can dramatically affect the lives of people for years to come. Well done!

Corwin N. Harper, MHA, FACHE Seasoned Healthcare Executive And Hospital CEO
Founder And CEO Of 54forhumanity

Upper management in corporate America and education have a long history in celebrating up-and-coming professionals as they navigate through their career paths. The preponderance of published works to date acknowledges this timeless fact. This book builds upon and shows those up-and-coming professionals how to navigate the stages of their career life. Charles L. Jones, an experienced Human Resources Executive, shows throughout each chapter how to accelerate yourself professionally through your career path, accumulate knowledge, and build a successful career.

Marcus A. Chanay, Ph.D., CFRM Vice President For Student Affairs, Enrollment Management And Campus Operations
Lincoln University Of Missouri

Charles Jones presents a clear-eyed and pragmatic view on the realities of corporate America that could make all the difference between someone thriving in any environment versus merely surviving a daily work-life existence. Charles reveals that it’s all about one’s approach and perspective. The Company Doesn’t Love You is a tough love delivery full of real talk. Critical for today’s workplace realities!

Melissa B. Donaldson SVP, Chief Diversity Officer
Wintrust Financial Corp.

Charles has courageously claimed the narrative of his personal and professional journey, filled with incredible highs and heartbreaking lows, in service to paving a smoother way for those who follow. There’s a blessing here for those who are looking for a play book and a role model for successfully navigating life and career. So proud to call Charles my colleague and friend.

Dorria L. Ball President And Founder, Global Ballance Group LLC
Retired Vice President Human Resources, Mondelez Inc.

Every so often a book comes along that engages the reader in a way that one can visualize themselves on the page and feel the emotions, triumphs, and frustrations the author is conveying. Charlie accomplished that with this book. In a very personal and affectionate way, Charlie provides a blueprint with practical solutions and thought-provoking ideas for one to navigate the multiple stages and emotional highs and lows of one’s career.

D. Crum Vice President, Business Human Resources

Not often do you get a chance to pause and think about your career and what path you’re on.  This book provides amazing insight into every stage of life in the working world, and ultimately how we exit into retirement. We all fall into the trap of thinking the company will take care of us. The reality is, you need to take care of yourself. This book provides clear and concise recommendations and guidelines to achieve this goal, from someone who has vast amounts of experience in the HR world and has been exposed to thousands of people’s careers. This read is well worth your time!

Joe Wilson VP Worldwide Sales

Charles reflects an excellent balance of values instilled within him by his parents and those he learned as a successful corporate leader: visionary, confident, decisive, effective in communicating, and embracing accountability—young executives or tenured professionals alike could greatly enhance their careers by reading this book!

Micheal Cristal VP Of Operations, Kroger Corporation
International President Of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Charles Jones really lays it on the line describing his experiences in the military and corporate America. I am glad that Chuck decided to be very transparent in his memoir, and I hope that his journey will inspire others. The views expressed are my own and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

Lieutenant General Leslie C. Smith U.S. Army

A refreshing, pragmatic, and brutally honest insider’s look at surviving and thriving in corporate America. This is a must-read for new graduates, those in mid-career, and perhaps most importantly, senior leadership in the public and private sector. True talent rises to the top, not because of your mentorship, but in spite of the barriers you have created to success.

Marcia M. Anderson Major General (Retired) US Army
Retired Federal Court Executive

The Company Doesn’t Love You takes the reader on an incredible personal and professional journey through the 5 Stages of the Career Life Cycle. Charles’ deeply moving personal story and 25+-year meteoric HR career provide the insights and building blocks to help you successfully navigate the next move in your professional development and become the CEO of your own career! A must read for anyone looking for practical career advice presented in a thoughtful, humorous, and easy-to-follow way!

Debra Basler Banking Executive

Leadership is the art of influencing and bringing out the best in others to achieve a common goal.

Follow Charles L. Jones as he guides you along The Career Life Cycle, a 5 stage strategy pulled from decades of leadership experience to help you achieve the most fulfilling career possible.

His innovative approach will give you the tools to streamline your career growth, and help you maintain and nurture your relationships along the way.

You’ll uncover the mystery of why you’re not already on the fast-track to success, and discover practical strategies to help you get there sooner.

Charles L. Jones empowers you to transform your career through the 5E’s of The Career Life Cycle:

Remember, you are the CEO of your own career! The company doesn’t love you. So take charge of your own financial future and freedom.

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Remember, you are the CEO of your own career! The company doesn’t love you. So take charge of your own financial future and freedom. 

Read The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones.

The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones reveals how to achieve a rewarding and fulfilling career by successfully navigating the 5 stages of The Career Life Cycle. 

Discover more at

You don’t need to live an unfulfilled life or be stuck in a career you don’t want. With a little preparation and planning, you can control your own success. 

Read The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones.

It’s great to be confident, but equally great to embrace humility and realize you have a lot to learn.

Never close the windows of opportunity.

Learn more in the new book The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones.

It’s important to realize that everyone who looks like you is not always your friend, and those who don’t look like you are not always your enemy

Read The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones.

With the right attitude, faith, and a lot of hard work, you can accomplish amazing things—things you may never have even dreamed were possible. Believe in yourself. Learn how in The Company Doesn’t Love You by Charles L. Jones.  

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Subject: Check this out! 


I’m reaching out to you today to let you know about a not-to-miss new book for 2021 that my friend Charles L. Jones has written—and I think you’ll really love it!  

The book is called The Company Doesn’t Love You: Be the CEO of Your Own Career, and it’s a must-read for anyone wanting to break free of the barriers holding them back from experiencing a rewarding and exciting career. 

In this book, Charles L. Jones reveals his unique perspective on successfully navigating the 5 stages of the Career Life Cycle to reach your pinnacle of career success:

Exploration: Discover how to gain traction and momentum when you’re just getting started. During this early employment time period, people are typically in their early-to mid-twenties, graduated from college, and have recently entered the workforce. 

Establishment: Find out how to utilize new opportunities and take on greater responsibilities at this critical stage. It’s about demonstrating agility, making mistakes, delivering results, and leading at different levels.

Elevation: Learn the secret to earning a place at the table, adding value to the company, and navigating expectations. You’ve been in the game long enough to understand how it’s played, and it’s simply unacceptable at this stage to consistently fail to deliver results. 

Enrichment: Understand how to give back at the peak of your career. As you begin to face reality, ask yourself how far it’s possible for you to go. At this stage, you’ve reached the highest position within your company and transitioned into a mentor role. 

Exit: Access strategies for exiting your career with financial dignity. You have a choice at this stage. You can either prepare to exit on your own terms, or you can ignore The Career Life Cycle and slip into decline. 

Using real-life stories, Charles demonstrates how to use the Life Fulfillment Framework to position yourself to navigate the Career Life Cycle and construct your own rewarding career path as the CEO of your own career!

I’ve reserved my own copy of The Company Doesn’t Love You, and I’d invite you to do the same so you can have it delivered the moment it is out in the world on February 9! 

Visit to secure your copy now!

Hope you enjoy it!



Subject: I had to pass this along…


I got a chance to read a selection from Charles L. Jones’ soon-to-be-released book The Company Doesn’t Love You: Be the CEO of Your Own Career, and I just had to pass this along. 

I think you’ll really connect with the powerful insights and easy-to-follow, yet transformative steps.

In The Company Doesn’t Love You, Charles uses compelling, real-life stories to show you how to navigate through the Career Life Cycle and be the CEO of your own career!

Charles is the CEO and Co-Founder of C&B HR Consulting, LLC, and pulls from decades of cross-functional experiences to develop this career strategy, which acts as a blueprint for a successful and lucrative career.

You can check out his website and claim a preview of the book now.

I hope that, like me, you’ll find a helpful takeaway from this short selection that you can implement right away! 

I pre-ordered my copy and look forward to opening my mailbox on February 9th to get started!

I’d love to hear what you think when you read it!


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